At Glendale Powder Coating Company, we work to get you the best price for your powder coating job. We are proud to serve the greater Glendale area including Los Angeles, Pasadena, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Saugus, Burbank, Van Nuys, Santa Clarita, Sun Valley, and all of Los Angeles County!When looking for a quality powder coating company in LA for your personal or business needs, it can be difficult choosing the right powder coating contractor to suit your specific needs. You may have searched for “powder coating near me,” “wheel powder coating near me,” or “powder coating company near me,” and landed on this page.

Rest assured that this was not a mistake and trust that there are great forces working in your favor. Keep scrolling down or click here to take a look at some of our outstanding work! Many of our customers come and get their motorcycles, patio furniture, bicycles, fencing, trailers, wheels and rims, powder coated by us. Our expert Los Angeles powder coating services’ quality is evident in every job that we do. We were built on the same ideas that continue to move us forward in business today, with our high quality and great service. Powder Coating and Sandblasting are our specialties offered by our industrial finishing firm.

We are the premier powder coating service in Los Angeles County. ​When undergoing a custom powder coat job, time of completion and turn around can often be the most important factor when choosing an establishment to do your work. We understand the need for expedited services and we have perfected our coating, and sandblasting processes to bring you the shortest lead time in the industry. We do not take any shortcuts and only use high quality products from premium suppliers. Often times our coating techs can complete your project in the same day! Wow, talk speed powder coating! There is no job too big nor too small and that is a major part of why we are premier powder coating contractors. Come and get your wheels or rims powder coated in Los Angeles.

We take our quality control very seriously. We use the latest software and state of the art technology to test our materials from the moment they arrive in our warehouse before they are added into our inventory. Through this process we can guarantee the highest quality of materials are used on your products and we do not stop there. We use state of the art technology to monitor and apply our processes, from monitoring precise temperatures to application of thickness, to ensure your quality powder coated metal meets the highest level of industry standards. Each finished product undergoes a strict inspection process, personally administered by a dedicated quality control manager with over 25 years of industry ​​experience. We know the value of your assets and it will receive the attention it deserves and we guarantee nothing will go overlooked. There is no comparison and we have the best powder coating system around. There is no better option for local powder coaters in Los Angeles, CA. To find out more about us click here.

You might be asking yourselves, out of all the other California powder coating companies, why choose us? We pride ourselves on our blue collar work ethic, integrity, and our quality will never be second to none. We have built the reputation of being the best local powder coaters because our technicians have extensive training in our software, technologies, and powder coat process. We have started from humble beginnings with three single kitchen sized ovens and a handful of hand powered powder guns. Our local powder coating shop in Glendale has now grown so much that we are capable of an enormous amount of output to allow us to better serve our customers. Contact us today for any inquiries you may have!